We could not do our work without the support of some fantastic people! Below are some of those who gone above and beyond to support our work! Thank you!

If you are interested in fundraising for us, get in touch!

Dental School Fashion Cashes in for LTAMC

Left to right: Sara Khan, Stewart Bennett, Desmond Manangazira

Thanks to Desmond Manangazira, a first year student at Dundee Dental School, who has raised £60 so far for LTAMC by donating proceeds from a recent order of Dundee Dental School hoodies for his fellow students. Desmond (pictured above) was helped by School Student President Emma Ward to make the order and is seen here showing off the new hoodies with classmates Sara Khan and Stewart Bennett.

Jeni Rankin

Jeni Rankin saw her doctor about a sore on her tongue in November 2016, after her dentist had been unconcerned in August. She was fast-tracked for a biopsy in December and had surgery in January with further surgery in March. Still the cancer persisted and radiotherapy in April did not contain it. She died on 10th June 2017. She was very keen that people be more aware about mouth cancer and requested that gifts be collected at her funeral for “Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer.” With increased awareness she hoped people with a sore, ulcer or lump that doesn’t heal on their tongue (or elsewhere in their mouth) would get it checked.

It is our aim that stories like this never occur. We were very grateful for the collection gifted to LTAMC in Jeni’s memory and will continue our fight against mouth cancer.

Bake Sale Raises “Dough” at Edinburgh Dental Institute

The Paediatric Department at the Edinburgh Dental Institute recently held a bake sale which raised an amazing £111.70! Many thanks to all staff from the department who donated baking and to all those who enjoyed these delicious bakes.

For I will walk 10,000 steps…

The Oral Health Promotion Team from NHS Borders set themselves the challenge of completing 10 000 steps per day over the month of June 2017. Each participant paid a £2 entry fee and was “fined” 50p each day they missed their 10 000 step target. The 11-strong team used pedometers or fitbit’s to monitor their step count. By the end of the challenge they had raised £76.10 for LTAMC.

This great fundraising idea was part of NHS Borders Healthy Working Lives initiatives to boost staff fitness & wellbeing as well as raise money for a charity. Fantastic! Why not try this at your workplace?

Many thanks to the participants some of whom are in the photograph: Alison Colvin, Lisa Nichol, Cath Shiells, Alison Forsyth, Helen Brand, Susan Davidson, Helen Hoggan, Sandra Howitt-Tynkowska, Carol Douglass, Emma Gobb and Aileen Richardson.