Past Campaigns

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Trustee speaks at Dublin Dental Hospital  September 2017

September 20th marked Mouth Cancer Awareness Day in Ireland. Following a connection made with the Mouth Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Ireland Group at the Global Oral Cancer Forum in New York, Orna made a presentation at a seminar hosted in Dublin Dental Hospital on the 14th September. This seminar highlighted oral health related issues in socially excluded and disadvantaged groups who may not attend for regular dental care. It was the key event in the run up to Mouth Cancer Awareness Day. Orna discussed the work of Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer, with particular reference to the campaign’s interaction with ethnic minority groups and older adults. The seminar was attended by community health workers, public health nurses, social care workers and team members from addiction and homeless services. This year was the 8th Mouth Cancer Awareness Day in Ireland. Both Dublin Dental University Hospital and Cork Dental School and Hospital had open days where members of the public could access information on the risk factors, signs and symptoms of Mouth Cancer. The visit of the Minister for Health and coverage on the news media meant national reach of the campaign. Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer looks forward to continuing links with global partners in the fight against mouth cancer

Edinburgh Dental Institute, March 2017

Our team was asked to return to the EDI after missing out in 2016 to provide training and a campaign for the BSc Dental Hygiene/Therapy students. This was very worthwhile, the keen students took on-board the teaching from the morning workshops and delivered quality targeted interventions on mouth cancer to high-risk groups. Kindly arranged by the Minority Ethnic Health Inclusion Service (MEHIS), we split into 3 teams and visited NKS (a mixed South Asian community group), an Bangladeshi Men’s group at the Verandah Restaurant and a Chinese Women’s Group at the Xanadu Restaurant. The people engaged were thankful and asked us to return in the future so other members of their communities may benefit. After the day’s work Professor Victor Lopes gave our lecture “Let’s Talk About HPV” to the assembled audience of dental professionals from the EDI.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Week Dundee, November 2016

This second year in Dundee had a different focus. No longer was there a large central base, instead the campaign was targeted to high-risk groups. In the main campaign week teams of final year BDS dental students & Dental Core Trainees participated in morning workshops to increase their confidence talking about mouth cancer and then designed their own targeted campaigns to reach specific high-risk groups. Spread over Dundee these volunteer teams engaged university students, patients attending Ninewells Hospital, ethnic minorities at the Dundee International Women’s Centre and the general public on the high street. In the evening Professor Victor Lopes delivered “Let’s Talk About HPV” a lecture highlighting the role of HPV in head and neck cancers to 65 local health professionals. Additionally for MCAW a group of final years, led by Louise Scott & Claire Connelly, on their own initiative took our campaign to Inverness during their Outreach placement. Furthermore there was a month long awareness drive based in the walk-in Dental A&E clinic. Throughout November 200 non-registered and irregular dental attenders were reached and completed a survey on mouth cancer, before being shown how to self-examine. Public reaction was excellent boosted by a visit from charity patron, Scott Hastings. Using the #mouthcheck, the Facebook reach was fantastic, in excess of 20,000! This was helped for good measure by on trend videos: “the mannequin challenge” received over 4900 views and a student led “boomerang video” had 1900 views.

Edinburgh Canal Festival, June 2016

Our return to the Edinburgh Canal Festival saw a further 27 people complete the research survey and receive the Empowerment Journey intervention and learn mouth self-examination. Many more spoke to us and received information on Mouth Cancer. We’re grateful to Heather and Abdulla who enthusiastically joined us for the whole day.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Week Dundee, November 2015

After being Edinburgh based it was time to spread out and we partnered with the annual Mouth Cancer Awareness Week (MCAW) run by Dundee Dental Hospital & School. This campaign was launched at a publicity event by our newly appointed patron, Scott Hastings. With a base in the Steeple Church Centre and satellite stall within the Overgate shopping centre, our team of volunteer BDS dental students and Dental Core Trainees directly reached 337 members of the public who took our Empowerment Journey learning our life saving message and mouth self-examination routine. The media interest was large and we featured in the local and national press including a report on the STV News at Six. For the first time we really pushed social media and our Facebook reach was over 7000. The successful CPD lecture “Empowerment in Mouth Cancer: Your Patient, from Diagnosis to Rehabilitation” was repeated here in joint session with the BDA Dundee and Perth District Section and well received by the 86 local health professionals in attendance.