Our Goals

Welcome to Our Campaign

Our overarching goal is to improve the prognosis of patients diagnosed with Mouth Cancer through early detection.

  • The focus of our campaign is on raising awareness of Mouth Cancer, the signs and symptoms, associated risk factors and where to seek advice.
  • We promote Mouth Self Examination to the public as part of our awareness programme. We aim to equip the public with the knowledge to facilitate self examination and encourage early presentation to a health care professional.
  • We counsel on responsible drinking, smoking cessation and a healthy lifestyle.
  • We provide free and open access training events for health care professionals. Our events aim to improve awareness of the disease amongst professionals and therefore encourage early referral.
  • We have also produced educational videos for health care professionals and the general public.

You can keep in touch with our campaign by checking in on our website, finding us on Facebook or Twitter. Learn more about the team here.

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